United Methodist Women
The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a
community of women whose purpose is to know God and to
experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ;
to develop a creative supportive fellowship; and to expand
concepts of mission through participation in the global
ministries of the church.
Mission Areas

The total program of United Methodist Women and the Women's
Division is mission. This includes individual growth, spiritual
enrichment, education for mission, social issues awareness,
leadership development, schools and workshops, and financial
support for mission programs and projects throughout the U.S. and
around the world.   True to our Wesleyan heritage, mission cannot
be solely charity, but involves empowerment and advocacy for
social change.  By combining the two, we can be witnesses to the
love and life of Jesus Christ.
Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth and theological development are at the heart of
United Methodist Women. Members grow in faith and
understanding through prayer, Bible study, worship, reflection,
interaction with others and active involvement in mission, spiritual
growth web sites, Bible studies at events and online, yearly
reading lists, and training events to explore reaching United
Methodist Women through retreats and inspirational events. -- all
essential components of the organization's key emphasis on
mission education.
Social Action

John Wesley often preached about works of piety and mercy as
inseparable.  Charity is a gift, but social action helps change
systems that keep people oppressed and dispossessed.  As
United Methodist Women, we believe that these are inseparable.

At board meetings, directors of the Women’s Division study
closely the issues of affecting women and children.  They study
scriptural mandates and work within the resolutions established
by the General Conference, the legislative-making body of The
United Methodist Church.   Then, they communicate to United
Methodist Women members about initiatives in which they can
become involved.

For over 135 years, children, youth, and family advocacy, racial
justice, public policy, and global policy are the foci of United
Methodist Women’s advocacy and part of their mission call.  
Their advocacy helps improve and empower the lives of women,
children, and youth, nationally and internationally.